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Top tips for selling your apartment

Posted by Angelique Jurd on 29/10/2014
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If the time has come for you to move on from your apartment, The Apartment Experts have a few tips to help make the selling experience go smoothly:

Spring Clean

Now is the time to get curtains, blinds, carpets, and hard floors cleaned and polished. Make the windows are washed; get rid of the ring of black mold around the sink. Get rid of cobwebs and check the light switches for built up finger prints.

This is one of those times when first impressions count – and if a potential buyer’s first impression is one of grime, it won’t matter how good the address is, they will look elsewhere.

Invest in a good automatic deodorizer – one that will emit a subtle spray of perfume on a regular basis – especially if you have pets. You may not notice any smell – but people who are visiting for the first time will.


Even the biggest home looks small if it’s full of clutter. Take advantage of preparing your apartment for sale to get rid of some the stuff you don’t need. Sort everything into three piles: Using, Storage, and Throwing Out.

Anything you haven’t used or thought about in six months, consider throwing it out. In particular if you haven’t unpacked it since you moved in. If throwing it out is too difficult – pass it to someone who will use it.

Anything you are not using and are confident you won’t need for the next few months goes into the Storage box. Once packed up, store it somewhere safe – with a family member or friend, or at a storage site – but free up space.

Everything you need to keep and use can now be tidied away into its own space. Train yourself and your family to put things away where they go – you want your apartment to look homely and appealing, but not as though it is bursting at the seams.


If it’s broken – mend it. Nothing is more off-putting to a potential purchaser than dripping taps, broken locks and cracked windows, doors hanging of their hinges, or dangling light fittings. It may not have bothered you in the past – but it could make a buyer wonder what else is wrong.

If a repair is something your Body Corporate should be taking care of – a hallway light for example – follow it up and make sure it gets done.

Price it right

Do your homework and get good advice on the market in order to price your apartment right – in other words, to sell. Don’t set your price based on an idea you need or on what your friend advises – find out what your apartment is worth and get professional advice on what similar apartments are going for.

Ask an expert

The Apartment Experts can give you the benefit of experience with and understanding of the Auckland apartment market. They can guide you on pricing and on the best possible way to market your apartment so it sells.

The Apartment Experts – James, Marcus, and Aled, – make it their business to ensure you get the best deal for your apartment.

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