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3 important things to look for in a real estate agent

Posted by Angelique Jurd on 01/12/2014

Selling your apartment – or your house – is a big step. It can be a stressful time which is why you need to choose a good real estate agent who is working with your best interests at heart. The Apartment Experts team has come up with the top three most important things to look for when deciding which agent you want to work with:


1 – A good real estate agent will communicate with you:

A good agent is a good communicator. If he is worth his commission he will be very open with you about what the market is doing, about where your apartment potentially sits within that market, and how you can expect the process to unwind. He will not exaggerate, he will give you honest and fair advice.

Good communication also means he will listen to you. You should be able to talk to your agent about any concerns you have and know he will listen and respond to them in a professional and timely manner.

A good agent is honest, open, and professional.

2 – A good real estate agent will be proactive:

A good agent will not wait for buyers to come to him. He will be actively seeking out buyers for your property. He will follow up leads from Open Homes and inquiries. He will doing everything he possibly can to bring you the right buyer. A good agent won’t be waiting for you to call him – he will be updating you regularly.

A good agent will work for you.

3 – A good real estate agent will not be afraid to give you references:

A good agent will happily let you have references from previous clients. Obviously not every deal goes the way a seller or an agent would like it – but if an agent does not want you to know about their past sales relationships with clients, then it might be time to back away. If they are unable to provide references and referrals from other sellers, you should be asking yourself why nobody is talking about this agent.

Of course you may have a brand new agent, who has yet to establish a portfolio of clients – in which case turn to the company. Does the company have a good reputation? Do they have people prepared to vouch for them?

A good agent is not ashamed of their reputation.

The team at The Apartment Experts pride themselves on great communication, working hard for their clients, and having a sound reputation.

Contact them now and get your apartment on the market today.



2 thoughts on “3 important things to look for in a real estate agent

  • vincente
    on 12/02/2016

    Hi I have 2 apartments at zest building that could sell if the market is right.

    Another one at c vu complex 36 day st.

    I could sell after the leaky remmedations are done starting on 11 March 2016 and should end within one year thanks and advise

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